Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Kit sightings: TRC in Obo "moon boots"

HWHC's Toby Reynold-Cotteril is currently using the new, square angled Obo kickers colloquially refered to as 'moon boots ' right . Maddie Hinch is , but there are few 'keepers currently using them...

A lot like the TK G+1 kickers that had reinforced layers of foam, as well as the distinct 'squared' line kicker, Obo's newest design incorporates the flattened inside edge for each kicker, rather a generic kicker that can be used for either foot (goalkeepers often swap their kickers over mid-season to get more longevity/use out of them from regular training use).

The squared off kicker itself means that kicking is easier, as adjustments are easier due to the angle already being there (turning the hip/ankle is easier to adjust when driving through and resetting as you pre-scan), as well as making rebound control slightly easier and more defined when saving in-close like at corners.

In game use, the kicker seemed to come in useful with TRC's stand-up approach to short corner defence, with the inforced angle saving him a couple of times as he dragged the feet back to cover the gap between his legs, with the kicker helping adjust the angle, so the ball slowed sideways instead of going in for an embarrassing redirect. And other than that, aided with his strong save-clears with his feet when covering the right side of goal from his upright position.

I think the 'moonboots' will definitely give Toby an edge this season (it's really good to see he is constantly looking to evolve as a goalkeeper, which only highlights a great future) and will grow in popularity as more elite goalkeepers use them.

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