Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Brom & Beck beat Oxted away

I made it five games in a row as an observant of the EHL by getting along to Sunday's game between Bromley and Beckenham versus Oxted. I should probably have done the write up shortly after watching the game as I've now forgotten most of what I wanted to say and it's easier to write with things fresh in your mind, hey ho! It was snowing again and I think I need to get some better gloves as my fingers were pretty frozen whilst taking photos, what with wearing half cut gloves, not much use!

Anyways, the match was pretty close even though Bromley won by a goal difference of two. Oxted's defender managed to save Carr's blushes at one stage after he had made an important tackle but left an open goal behind him, running back to save off the line! I had expected Oxted to win comfortably after their recent run of form and Bromley's slipping, but they won, away nonetheless and the result meant they leapfrogged the Surrey side in the East conference table.

Carr seems to have changed masks from his customised painted Scottish flag design to the old school shark face mask Obo used to produce. Useless and random information as ever!

I *think* Brom & Beck's starter is Dave Taylor, guessing from the team's info page on the England Hockey website. Playing wise Taylor plays a lot like an endorsement of the 'sweeper keeper' style. Not in the sense of playing so high up when tackling like say Isaacs or Hendy in his day, as he , but was happy to roam around at the top of the D ready to shut down a breakway and tackle at the top of the D. Though, he often does this, as seen in a game this season against Old Loughts although I can't seem to access the Hockey Images photos of the game any more (and a pre-season game verus EG last season link). His choice of tube style Obo hi control rhp makes sense for ground work and tackles in this way. He also bailed out a defender who fluffed on a pass back from another defender, kicking away , showing the importance of strong kicking, being comfortable with the ball at your feet and able to kick back or pass to defenders if these things happen, as they do! Something that I tried writing about in the 'sweeper keeper' article on the Obo Keepers Resources site.

In spite of what I wrote about regards the Holcombe/Richmond game, he has actually changed his stance for corners, rather than the 'stick down' approach that Richmond's goalkeeper uses. Taylor now has his gloves about shoulder height now, Aussie style for flicks etc. He seems to keep his ready stance glove height low (link) to save, though raises his gloves in the ready stance every so often.

Interestingly, Nathan Bullens came on for the last five minutes or so of the match. Bullens was a reserve at East Grinstead before moving to Wimbledon and then onto Bromley. Kit wise, he's changed helmets from the Grays/TK 'open mask' injection moulded style to a helmet/cage 'combo' (ice hockey player's helmet and cage) and seems to wear the boxy Mercian pads versus the curved ones he used to wear. Still sticking with the Mercian shoulder caps and ice hockey elbow pads set-up. Interestingly, he was wearing a garish purple jersey with pink lettering/numbering; another thing I blogged about 'swagger' on the KR site. When he came on, he was playing higher up in the D, a little bit like France's Thamin, and seemed to have a tighter stance with legs pretty close together.

 Bromley's first goal.

 Taylor wandering around outside the D.

Taylor's changed short corner ready stance.

 Taylor bailing out his defender by kicking away.

 Well made and timed challenge after repositioning from a high position into the D, backtracking and then moving out to attack.

 Bullens making his debut?!


Taylor 4/5
Vocal but not as much as he could have been. Strong coming off his line with timing and challenges; unlikely on their goal and the second such scenario as the ball bounced free for another Oxted player to slot home. Not much to do except shots to the post well covered etc. Basics covered, job well done, also fast running out to a loose ball watched over the line.

Bullens 3/5 (i.e. not a key part of the game)
Not really vocal, not much to do at that stage in the game!

Carr 3/5 (based purely on goals allowed)
Still very vocal, although not so as much in their game against Wimbledon. He was unfortunate with the first goal, having come off the post to slide out to tackle but the attacker lifted the ball up and over him to score. One of Bromley's goals came from a breakway where he may have been better to time a slide in, as the attacker took the ball around him and dragged him out of position. Made a key stop in the first half sliding out to block. But he made some decisive saves at short corners, diving low with his rhp and then making concurrent saves after. Didn't manage to photograph the goal Bromley scored from one of their corners...

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