Monday, 22 October 2012

The rise of David Kettle

The story of David Kettle's rise to the elite is a bit of an interesting story. Having been Fair's deputy whilst studying at university, the Cannock star then went to play professionally in the Malaysian hockey league for Sapura HC and a season in Australia (or so I've heard!). This all important game experience being a number one as a young goalkeeper helped in as he went in search of a place in the English national premier league. Rather than join Holcombe in the East conference, where he would be a definite starter, he decided instead to join East Grinstead. There he played a few games in which EG were seen to be the favourites and split time with Potton. Getting a taste of further game action in the premier league, having played for Cannock previously, he obviously recently signed for Surbiton where has taken over as the starter.

This transition has been interesting to watch as it is often difficult to beat out an incumbent starter as a goalkeeper at whatever level. His perseverance and commitment has seen this happen and is a great demonstration for younger ambitious goalkeepers to learn from. Surbiton obviously see a lot of potential (of which is there already) given they have given him the starting role, leaving Bristow to leave for Eastbourne. With him racking up experience at the top domestic level, it has seen the Welsh international rise the goalkeeping ranks for his country as he has played in competitive matches for them recently.

From what I've seen, he is becoming a more well rounded goalkeeper and is a dominant force within the D. He has developed his style from playing with the thinner profile obo hi control rhp to the tk style to give more of a blocking surface to utilise when making saves to the right, whilst he has ditched the right elbow protector he used to wear and gone fully 'dutch' as they say.

With his athleticism and agility, combined with his awareness to come out and challenge aerials and passes, he is fun to watch and I think if he keeps on developing and working hard he could put himself up for GB contention like Ali McGregor did.

You can watch him in action in the following clip:

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