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To introduce myself, I was a registered reserve goalkeeper with Hampstead and Westminster in the National Premier league in England at 19 and am now . I started off writing the blog as a means to track my own thoughts, but have realised the potential it could unlike and therefore want to make use of it as a platform to demonstrate my writing, as well as analytical, abilities. I studied English Literature with Creative Writing at the University of Surrey and decided to merge my understanding of sport with my passion for writing and have started to see it go from strength to strength.

Obviously I'm very passionate about goalies; personally I think they're misunderstood, neglected and often woefully ignored! Otherwise I don't think I'd be investing a lot of my time and effort into writing about hockey and the goalies in it! And time is money and as a freelance writer that is definitely true, so I hope you appreciate the hard graft! I have been a columnist on Obo's Keepers Resources website since the age of 18 and am looking to expand on that and mentor goalies through social media such as this, given there is literally hardly any goalie coaches around, making life harder for goalies at lower levels. To start off with I wrote based on playing experience, but I am also fully aware that I could across as an outward nobody, and credibility is incredibly important in today's day and age, so I am looking at putting in the hours and groundwork to be able to start getting my certificates and coaching goalies full time. I'm worried that I might come across poorly as such, otherwise I may as well be a rambling lost in the desert rambling on about some genius madness! My ideas are progressive and forward thinking, as well as outside the box (sometimes better to see things from different angles, unless in goal!) and with the rules the way they are, I can't see why the game can't be renovated either.

I want hockey to have the same level of focus as other sports, and covering the specialist topic of goalies (as there is very little out there or nothing to say the least), I want to bring hockey up to par with mainstream sports, so that others can see into our world; covering the game globally and internationally, so that people across the world who have never considered playing (let alone watched!) our beloved game are intrigued and inspired, especially when it comes to making the decision to step between the posts and fling themselves around to stop their team conceding. If they ever chose to go down that route (after seeing the goalies, and then wanting to play in goal!)!

Hockey is going professional and India and it looks that way in Belgium, so now is a great time to get on the wave of change, and see hockey get noticed and get the attention it so rightly deserves, and I just want to be part of the movement!

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