Sunday, 24 March 2019

MyGoals with

An interesting bit of info unrelated to hockey news, is a project I'm working on/with for the MyGoals program by Anne is going live with the MyGoals system which allows you to track and keep record of your game performances as a way of learning and preventing future mistakes by going through your match data.

There is also a giveaway competition they are running, for Sports 101 goalie camps, which is the perfect way to get access to some free goalie coaching, whether to tune up your skills, or learn some new ones!

The idea behind MyGoals is to record data from every game, so that you can see for yourself how many shots you're facing and see the bigger picture of a scoreline from the weekend. So you lost 5-0? Well, that doesn't include the unknown facts that you saved 10 and kept the score going into double figures!!

Even if you're not looking to keep data on your goalies (if you're a coach etc.) or record your own data from saves made etc. during your own games, it's more than well recommended to keep you improving every game as well as know what to work on for the future.

Pro soccer (footie) goalies keep match records for each and every season, as do ice hockey goalies and high level hockey goalies, to work on self improvement and finetuning their technique and it's a great way of working on your own development, especially if you don't have a coach to work with.

Having trouble with certain shots? Or struggle with specific game scenarios? Keeping a diary, you can go through areas you want to work on at training as well as ensure future mistakes, as you keep track of the things you struggle with, and more importantly, do well in. But obviously don't get self crticial or over think/analyse things, as it does you no good psychologically and won't help in the long run! Self love as well as self improve ;)

Go on over to to check out the site as well as their Instagram profile to compete in the competition!

Monday, 18 February 2019

Rory Kerr joins Richmond

It would seem that Richmond are strengthening their squad in order to avoid the drop spot and relegation, with a signing that would also secure their last line of defence - their goalie! Rory Kerr who had been plying his trade at Kelburne before moving on to other opportunities.

The 'keeper who trained with the Ozzie squad during the Commonwealth Games in Scotland in 2014, and then went onto play for Canterbury and then abroad in Australia, has presumably moved to the 'smoke' of Landan town with work and making the most of the opportunity to play again in the English national league.

Kit watch: Borsoi switches to Obo + rhp

A quick kit sighting as Brighton & Hove's Chris Borsoi has switched his rhp to the Obo + rhp. Having worn all Brabo foam for the past couple of seasons, it's interesting to make note of the changeover considering that the Brabo design is fairly similar to his Obo choice, with Brabo's also focusing on stick control with ground control for diving saves and stick clearances.

Whilst the Brabo design has a fixed 'cuff' and wrist location, like the TK design, the Obo design has a bit more flexibility at the wearer's wrist which allows for those miniscule movements during reflex saves that can make the difference turning the ball away on the save during rotation.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Rose Thomas using Brabo LHP

An interesting kit sighting to make note of (especially if you're a goalie nerd like myself...) is Holcombe's Welsh international goalkeeper Rose Thomas switching LHP's from Obo to Brabo.

Obviously Chris Borsoi is the only national league goalkeeper (to note) to be using Brabo in the English leagues right now, wearing all the foam, but internationally, there have been a few goalkeepers changing LHP's over to Brabo, especially given the "word on the street" (I don't know the goalie equivalent, sorry...) that the Brabo LHP has the best rebound available.

Thus, highly skilled goalkeepers like those representing their nations competitively, and playing at the highest level in the country, are switching over to Brabo for left hand save making. George Ratcliffe did for a while before switching back, and it seems that other goalkeepers are taking notice, with the trend continuining.

It would seem that favouring the best range of rebound available follows trends in elite technique wherein getting the biggest clearance possible on the initial save means that the goalkeeper buys themselves time to recover and set for the second phase rather than flopping around from a prone position. The bigger the clearance, the more chance the goalkeeper gives themselves for making the next save.

As Obo gloves are designed more primarily for rebound control i.e. playing the ball down to the floor and looking to clear with the feet, the square design gives the largest surface area for getting behind a shot i.e. even making a glancing save to tip the ball away like a 'fingertip' style save, whilst the rebound helps prioritise clearing the ball on the save and then getting back in the game for the second phase.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Kit sightings: TRC in Obo "moon boots"

HWHC's Toby Reynold-Cotteril is currently using the new, square angled Obo kickers colloquially refered to as 'moon boots ' right . Maddie Hinch is , but there are few 'keepers currently using them...

A lot like the TK G+1 kickers that had reinforced layers of foam, as well as the distinct 'squared' line kicker, Obo's newest design incorporates the flattened inside edge for each kicker, rather a generic kicker that can be used for either foot (goalkeepers often swap their kickers over mid-season to get more longevity/use out of them from regular training use).

The squared off kicker itself means that kicking is easier, as adjustments are easier due to the angle already being there (turning the hip/ankle is easier to adjust when driving through and resetting as you pre-scan), as well as making rebound control slightly easier and more defined when saving in-close like at corners.

In game use, the kicker seemed to come in useful with TRC's stand-up approach to short corner defence, with the inforced angle saving him a couple of times as he dragged the feet back to cover the gap between his legs, with the kicker helping adjust the angle, so the ball slowed sideways instead of going in for an embarrassing redirect. And other than that, aided with his strong save-clears with his feet when covering the right side of goal from his upright position.

I think the 'moonboots' will definitely give Toby an edge this season (it's really good to see he is constantly looking to evolve as a goalkeeper, which only highlights a great future) and will grow in popularity as more elite goalkeepers use them.

Kit chat: TRC's abdomen padding

Having been at the HWHC vs Wimbledon game in person, it was possible to make a few observant goalie-nerd sightings.

TRC is currently wearing an old Obo chest pad extension as abdomen padding, to reinforce the gap between chest pad and shorts. Not all shorts/girdles available have actual padding in place between the hips, leaving a bit of a vulnerable gap due to the size of most jocks.

A simple solution is making use of an ice hockey goalie jock that has more reinforced padding for the groin, but other goalkeepers, like TRC and George Pinner, prefer the additional loose padding of a chest pad overlaid over the shorts.

TRC is using the purple Obo chest pad (which was one of Obo's original padded chest designs - also a chest pad that Alex Chapman wore in goal for Oxted 1's about 9 years ago now!).

The chest pad was layered and connected by a strapping system - and it would appear Toby is using the lowest layer somehow strapped or sewn in to the current Obo chest pad (which is probably one of the best out there - I don't understand why companies aren't using plastic inserts for shorts as well, foam is redundant for protection...).

A lot like George Pinner's TK modified body armour set, using the old TX G1 abdomen protector that was a loose piece attached to the main chest pad, TRC is using ingenuity to give him extra protection, presumably not wanting to take any risks playing with the highest level of shots, in the Premier league.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Oscar to Old Georgians

With Old Georgians without their England international (having also been to the Azlan Shah as reserve goalkeeper), they too were obviously going to need to reinforce their goalkeeping department. In comes Oscar Jensen, who works with Fortitude and has been at Surbiton as a junior for a while and clearly making a name for himself, joining the national league side. I don't know if Old Georgians will be adding further to their 30 man squad with goalkeepers, so it will be interesting to see how things develop and if Oscar gets a shot at such high level hockey at such a young age.