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I would really appreciate and be grateful for you leaving comments in relation to any blog posts. That way others can get involved in the discuss with their thoughts and views, and debate for the betterment of each other's goalie styles.

The idea is to turn this blog into a platform for learning and a forum where hockey goalies can gather to learn from each other, because sometimes someone who sees different things you might not be able to pick up might just have a gem of advice and insight. As well as to keep you up to date with the elite goalies and what's going on at the highest levels domestically and internationally and globally.

If you want to know more about tips with how to play or goalie kit advice, and are looking to improve, then you can check out my articles on Obo's Keepers Resources until new books/content are out.

You can use the contact form if you want to contact direct or email

Tweet me at @Grim_GK

P.S. if you have more insight or know where to get info on gaps in my knowledge base, then I'd really appreciate hearing from you (otherwise my journalism won't be as good as it can possibly be!)!

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