Thursday, 1 June 2017

Millington replaces Hurst

The transfer of Tom Millington to Loughborough after his time helping Old Georgians into the national league made a lot more sense when I (finally!) discovered that he's become the England GK coach, replacing John Hurst who stepped down from the role recently.

With the goalkeeper coach position vacant, I couldn't think of any suitable coach available, forgetting that Millington has worked for Fortitude and with national league goalies, although I know Giles worked with the England women's setup before.

Millington brings with him a fresh perspective of the modern game and the goalie's new requirements given his recent playing experience and seeing as English management is looking at a new perspective of the game through to goalies and their coaches, now is a good time more than any as they start to reap the benefits of the single system (as with the Azlan Shah win) and with the young players coming through.


  1. That's David Condon, one of the players...

  2. True, wrong clip (face palm).