Sunday, 28 May 2017

Dave using Wall mask

Another goalie nerd style spot from this season gone, was Brighton's Dave Bockett-Pugh switching helmets to a Wall mask. One of the remaining helmet-cage-combo (wearing dudes HCCWD as they call it in ice hockey), along with Tommy Alexander and James Bailey (right now I think they're the only ones in men's national league play that use the setup, but as always I could be gone), he switched to an Obo helmet, and then onto the Wall mask.

As far as I know, Wall is being sold through Mercian, or bought up by Mercian, after the company stuttered with their flat pad release that was ahead of its time and then struggled financially. It is interesting to see a hockey company buy into using mask designs and modernise, with hockey goalies now almost all wearing mask designs from junior upwards. The Wall design itself has smaller sightlines and visual space due to the design, so it would be interesting to see what impact that has on a goalkeeper's peripheral vision and their save making (not sure how you would analyse that).

With Chris Borsoi having left for East Grinstead to compete with Paddy Smith, Dave made the starting position his own again and I'm sure will look for a strong season again this September.

Switching headgear wasn't the only kit change for him this season, seemingly ditching the elbow pads/tubigrip combo for no arm protection for arm movement and reaction saves.

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