Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Kit chat: TRC's abdomen padding

Having been at the HWHC vs Wimbledon game in person, it was possible to make a few observant goalie-nerd sightings.

TRC is currently wearing an old Obo chest pad extension as abdomen padding, to reinforce the gap between chest pad and shorts. Not all shorts/girdles available have actual padding in place between the hips, leaving a bit of a vulnerable gap due to the size of most jocks.

A simple solution is making use of an ice hockey goalie jock that has more reinforced padding for the groin, but other goalkeepers, like TRC and George Pinner, prefer the additional loose padding of a chest pad overlaid over the shorts.

TRC is using the purple Obo chest pad (which was one of Obo's original padded chest designs - also a chest pad that Alex Chapman wore in goal for Oxted 1's about 9 years ago now!).

The chest pad was layered and connected by a strapping system - and it would appear Toby is using the lowest layer somehow strapped or sewn in to the current Obo chest pad (which is probably one of the best out there - I don't understand why companies aren't using plastic inserts for shorts as well, foam is redundant for protection...).

A lot like George Pinner's TK modified body armour set, using the old TX G1 abdomen protector that was a loose piece attached to the main chest pad, TRC is using ingenuity to give him extra protection, presumably not wanting to take any risks playing with the highest level of shots, in the Premier league.

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