Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Goalie transfers: Rose Thomas to Holcombe

With Maddie leaving English shores for her second season in Dutch hockey (even though people keep predicting her return to Holcombe or signing with the Wombles to take them into the Prem!), the Kent side have more than reinforced their goalkeeping ranks with the addition of Wimbledon's Welsh shot stopper Rose Thomas, especially with her points winning spot-flick-save against EG in their opener at Tonbridge (they had to rearrange due to the pumps at EG struggling for the water based), a great low stick stop turning the ball away onto the right post.

Rose obviously has plenty of international experience and used to the pressures of hockey at the highest levels (as shown with the flick save) and as a goalie on the up and up, will be able to regularly put on great goalkeeping displays as she fills the goalie shoes of Hinch.

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