Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Goalie transfers: Aurora to Reading

Another goalie transfer for the Women's National league that I haven't yet had the time to write about, even though (for once!) I knew it was happening, was Aurora Mears going from Holcombe to Reading. Having worked with her as part of the MH1 coaching team over the summer, I knew she was making the move, for work reasons, as far as I know. Also comes in handy that she'll be working with Hursty aiding furthering along the finetuning of her goalie evolution and as part of the GB development, the chance to compete with Amy Gibson for national league starts will surely up their game for both goalies, for the benefit of their team mates.

I for one believe competition between goalies is important, at any standard, otherwise they can get a little lazy not needing to look over their shoulder/aren't drawing the best out of themselves with their efforts i.e. Joe Hart before the whole Guardiola fiasco - he had no-one to push him after his breakout season overtaking Shay Given and we didn't see the sparkle of real talent after that, regressing over seasons, versus say Pickford still keeping the intensity going with Everton. Fighting for your place is a great motivational tool!

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