Saturday, 22 September 2018

Rea joins Mercian and Fortitude coaching

With Monarch becoming defunct/not functioning as a seller right now, there were obviously going to be goalkeepers under their sponsorship looking for new sponsors to help retain the effeciency/level of rebound in their foam and protection (obviously degrading over seasons of use), so it's not much of a surprise that Southgate and USA's Chris Rea has made the decision to switch sponsors to Mercian.

Rea joining the Mercian team was pretty obvious, given he was wearing their kit in his recent Y1 marketing video, but pictures (haven't been to any of his games to confirm it) validate that.

Mercian have been working hard seemingly to bolster their ranks of goalkeepers using their kit in the UK and worldwide, with Australia's Tyler Lovell making use of them in his international and club hockey appearances, whilst they have also a whole bunch of other goalkeepers joining them, like Amy Tennant and Chris Bristow to name a few..

Rea also joins the ever-growing Fortitude coaching team, with an official announcement through their socials.

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