Saturday, 22 September 2018

3-way battle for HWHC no.1 spot?

With HWHC signing Toby Reynolds-Cotteril after his graduation from Lufbra, and already having a goalkeeper battle for the starting spot last year (although the 'word on the wire' is that Jamie Legg didn't play until the second half of the season due to family commitments), it looks like there's a 3-way battle for the starting position at the London Premier league club.

Recent action pics of pre-season games has shown 3 goalkeepers being given a chance to impress and stake their claim in the battle for the #numberonespot and in their last games, it seems that George and Toby have split the game time with each playing a half.

Toby is recognisable from his old school Obo arm pads and Reebok stick, but I can't identify the goalie in TK!

It will be interesting to see how the situation resolves itself and plays out over the course of the season (which starts tomorrow!). Definitely one to watch!

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