Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Mohd Hafizuddin Othman: Malaysia's future!

As has been reported, Malaysia is looking to its future to step up to being the present force in goal. And Mohd Othman is key to Malaysia's future because of the vulnerable age of the country's current crop of goalkeepers. Impressing in training with the senior side having competed in the Junior World Cup a few months ago, he has gotten his chance at the Azlan Shah trophy tournament and potentially in the next lot of international series coming up because of his ability. Hafizuddin was named as the only goalkeeper (a trend for the Olympics rather than anything else with a goalkeeper taking up a spare space in the squad list, on the bench and in the accommodation) for the tour to Perth, clearly proving himself to coaching stuff.

It's not often you see this happen hockey, even if Simone Scuffet has seemingly almost guaranteed his place as third choice for the Italian squad for the Rio World Cup, so it's worth keeping tabs on his future! You can read more about Malaysian reports' viewpoints following the links below:

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