Thursday, 17 April 2014

KO16 EHL day 1: kit sightings

With the KO16 stage of the Euro Hockey League well under way, it might as well be easier to get started with kit sightings before I attempt more in-depth analysis of goalkeeping performances so far. Even if it sounds a tad boring, even the slightest change can have a big impact on playing ability; overall peripheral vision for full eye contact (silent eye) for saves and so on.

So here are some more obvious sightings of kit that the top level goalkeepers in Europe have made to their set-ups (or not!):

  • Grunwald Poznan's starter Chyla is still using the TK Plus LHP and softs range
  • Manu Leroy is using the new TK Platinum/P1 gloves, with their D3O for extra rebound
  • Mulheim and German international Reuss has made the (so far) permanent switch to a helmet and cage combo from the TK mask he had been wearing for quite some time. All I know of is that he was wearing his new 'bucket' at the Indoor Championships and has been ever since then
  • Kampong's David Harte has not yet made the switch to the new P1 range but is still using the top range TK mask with titanium cage (quite a new addition in comparison to other masks made by hockey companies) and the dangler he was using in the HIL

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