Friday, 8 April 2016

Gibson's switch to Mercian rhp

As I've barely been to any games in person this season, it's been harder to track any equipment changes in the top ranked goalkeepers in England, but however small, they can make a big change in the goalkeeper in question's playing style and save making. One change of note is Hampstead's and GB trialee Harry Gibson changing his Obo rhp for a Mercian design.

At a time when nearly all the other Obo users in the division have switched back to the Obo Hi Rebound RHP design (Smith and Kettle), it's interesting that Gibson has made the decision to change gloves having been using the Obo blocking style for such a long time in his days with Loughborough and beyond. I don't know if it was mid-season as the footage was from the last few games of the season, but is definitely a changeover since the start of the season.

With the Mercian blocking design hinging on a cross-continental design where the stick does the work rather than the wrist i.e. with the Obo, pushing out from the wrist from the elbow can be used to more readily 'punch' the ball away to redirect over the post or away, with the large square face, whereas the wrist turns with the stick as one more readily with the Mercian. This in turn means more of a flicking motion/rotation to make saves standing up from the wrist; an extension of the stick a lot like the Obo hi control in standing saves, and makes ground work easier.

In game terms, this seems confusing as he stands up a lot more, even when closing down, as in the game clip below, but also diving and recoveries should be easier than the Obo hi control with less emphasis on refined/evolved technique, for getting back into the play more quickly. Features that a hybrid style glove can bring into his game to finish off areas of save technique etc. ...

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  1. The Mercian hybrid model seems to bring the benefits of having a large stopping area, combined with more freedom of the wrists. I'm trying it as wel in the Spanish prem