Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Livings using ice hockey dangler

A recent noteworthy kit sighting is Harleston Magpies' goalkeeper John Livings wearing an ice hockey goalie dangler attached to his helmet cage combo head protection. This set-up is pretty popular in Australian goalkeepers but around the UK these are rare enough to make it at least worth writing about! With neck protection important but hard to find, it's interesting to see this become at least a little more popular in the British Isles as goalies 'wise up' and get more knowledgable on the protection offered in other sports to push forward kit mods and tweaks and changes that bring a better protected hockey goalie at the top level.

We all know the dangers: Ireland's top goalie David Harte can confirm this after a freak accident in his first season in the Hoofdklasse that could have been seriously bad and the old 80's square protectors that go with these styles of helmet too useless as they swing so much.

An ice hockey lexan dangler not only fits well with the countour of the cage but provides great protection against hard strikes to the neck area.

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