Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Spain vs Australia: Cortes in good form

With Australia piling on the pressure against Spain, they were lucky to have a solid goalkeeper to back them up in order to keep the score as low as possible. Cortes seems to be a goalkeeper who runs a little hot and cold with his performances; at times when he is playing confident and to his strengths, he looks like the world's best goalkeeper, but other times he lets negative thoughts creep in and things spiral out of control. But against Australia he was again on top form, making some breath taking stops.

So let's run through the goal scoring opportunities he faced:

  • For the first goal, Cortes showed the disadvantage of his reaction based-close-to-the-goal-line approach as he was beat wide of his right leg, reacting too let and horizontally rather than forward and angular to block
  • For the second, he was unlucky, but considering he went the right way, which is a 'step in the right direction' to begin with, it was unfortunate he was beaten at the flick, just missing the ball with his right hand. But was well across to save in reaction with his glove splitting across to cover low; the rebound unfortunately going into his D-man and therefore earning a spot flick for Oz. 
  • He was lucky with his crossbar coming to his rescue, shifting across to the other side this time.
  • He struggled with the flick low to his right for the third goal; a decision making problem possibly, where he could have gone with his foot as he often does, mistiming the dive.
  • At the closing of the game, he responded by making a great reaction stop; the glove this time pushing the ball into his leg, showing his peerless agility (it's not like you see any of the other nation's goalkeepers springing back up into the play like that, with all that kit on!!) before scrambling to stop the goal scoring chance. The sequence is great to watch to learn from (hint, hint!)
  • A dive onto his reverse side helped force the last scoring chance of the game wide as he rushed back to cover his open goal

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