Friday, 29 March 2013

Clemons sporting new Gryphon kit

Another ninja, covert journalist (or maybe just goalie nerd?! Not that sneaky, it's in an official, stated press release for Gryphon!) kit sighting regards the new Grphon goalkeeping gear. Australian international (has been involved in the Australia A squad and as one of the goalkeepers for the Australian side in last year's Super Six Series) Tristan Clemons has been sighted wearing the Gryphon Evo 3 foam. To be honest, the kit looks very similar to Mercian and Mazon etc. regards the foam but Gryphon look like they're introducing the Mercian style rhp (a step in the right direction I feel) and an option for Gryphon kit users for a more blocking right hand glove than their singular tube style option. And looks like Clemons is following suit to that switch, just as Burgers did when Mazon introduced the same style glove into their range before the London Olympics. Personally I do like the yellow on black!

Photo copyright belonging to Grphyon, taken from their website...

Although saying that regards the rhp, looks like "Clemo" is pretty happy with an aggressive, active technique with a tube style rhp pushing into shots to turn the ball away, from this footage!

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