Friday, 15 February 2013

Stuart Hendy retires?

With his profile absent on the Old Loughtonians EHL web page team sheet, it looks like Hendy has left the national league side. Don't really know enough about it to confirm it, but presume it's true with him not in the squad sheet and no evidence of a transfer. Seems like an odd thing as he was going into the age where he would have peaked and played to his best, since his U18 England junior days and playing for Ipswich before taking over at Old Louts. After taking over from George Harris (who left for East Grinstead) at the time they were in division one, not so long ago, he built up a sound reputation as a strong national league level goalkeeper, nearly taking Old Louts to promotion (tipped by Canterbury).

He was even scouted by England I believe (was a scout there at a game against Oxted I watched) and was a member of the international indoor squad, playing in a friendly a few years ago, having always performed well at the Maxifuels Super Sixes and the tournaments before that. I would rate him pretty highly as a national level goalkeeper so seems a shame if he has left the sport entirely as a strong goalkeeper is always an important addition to any squad. He's an England centrally contracted coach, so I assume he'll to continue to move in that direction. Quite a shock if he has left Old Louts and national level hockey entirely.

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