Friday, 2 November 2012

Jimi Lewis: a forgotten talent

Jimi Lewis seems to be an underrated talent often forgotten about by English hockey. The GB international who was Simon Mason's reserve at the 2004 Olympics now plys his trade at Grossflotbeker in Germany, starting out in national league as a 16 year old  (as far as I know, which is quite the achievement in itself). I *think* he was at Havant before moving to Cannock, but no idea as not strong on the details (and can't find much to say so!). Stuck behind the ever present Mason, he was probably not going to get much acclaim or attention but playing in a premier domestic league like that of the two time winning Olympians, Germany, is quite an achievement. With new talent emerging in England it's easy to forget about him, but he is a solid elite goalkeeper nonetheless, playing a strong and often reflex based style.

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